The Dog With Two Dicks.

Since coming off my little white tablets I’ve been trying to work out what are the side effects of coming off, what is just me being me and what is just my mental health being a bit, mental.

I’ve been getting used to having feelings again and realising that they’re not going to kill me. I’ve been spottier than I’ve ever been which is bloody depressing and I’ve also been so unbelievably randy to the point of distraction. All day. Every day.

Yes ladies and gents, I’m like a dog with two dicks. You know that cute puppy dog that you see shagging the life out of a stuffed toy on the rug? That’s me (inside my head at least). I came over all unnecessary talking to a heavy breathing man on the phone the other day (he had a cold) and I almost had to excuse myself from a work function yesterday to go and take some deep breaths, entirely brought on by the handsome man at the front of the room.

What do I do about it? I can’t imagine going to the Doc and telling him that I’m too randy for my own good and can I please be put down but on the flip side I need to snap out of it and focus on the matters at hand. Those being a potential promotion and a HUGE project that has been entrusted to me. Neither of which involve getting down and dirty!



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