Sunday Sound Off: Boozy Woozy Blues

Had a lovely evening last night drinking wine with a friend whilst talking about every conceivable topic in a variety of drinking establishments ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous and yet this morning I woke up feeling like my soul had been sucked out of my nostrils, the sun wouldn’t shine and I’d never know what it would be like to be happy, EVER AGAIN.

I like wine but it became very apparent this afternoon when I stayed in bed until half past one convinced the world was out to get me and that I should just hide under the duvet until the meteor* hits, that wine doesn’t like me. I’ve recently taken to drinking a white wine spritzer in a tall glass which seems to lessen the effect but last night with my wine aficionado friend I decided it was a really good idea to switch to drinking it straight. Turned out to be a bad idea for a variety of reasons because it tasted like Ribena with an after taste of warm vinegar, although that may have been more of an indication of the quality of pub we were in, and it meant I woke up with a very fuzzy head this morning.

I think I’ve gone through the change, where wine becomes something to be savoured slowly and not overindulged in so that I don’t wake up the following morning wondering where the nearest tall building is.

That or I just need a new drink of choice…



* Exchange meteor for whatever world ending event the crackpot crazies think is heading our way.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off: Boozy Woozy Blues

  1. Wine used to be my fave drink now i can’t drink it at all – it hates me! and anyway its full of sugar and chemicals so much better to hit the pure vodka 😉 alcohol always gives us the blues its the down side 😦 tomorrow you will feel yourself again xx

    1. Oh gosh vodka gets me utterly smashfaced! I’ve woken up this morning feeling ready to take on the world again rather than wanting to put my head under the pillow and emerge sometime next year… no more wine for this little lady! xx

  2. I rarely drink more than a glass of wine these days (it actually makes me really ill for days after when I do have more than one) but I definitely notice a dark cloud appearing the day after I do drink more than two. It’s usually completely irrational too!

    That said, I’ve never heard of anyone having a shocking hangover from sherry. Maybe that’s the drink to try 😉 (or should we wait until we’re pensioners for that?)

    1. Sherry?! Em I’m only thirty! 😉 Although the other day there was a thing in the press about Phillip & Holly (surnames not necessary) drinking this agave tequila that apparently doesn’t give you hangovers so maybe I’ll switch to tequila slammers? Preferably done as body shots off a hot man….! xx

  3. It’s definitely the mental sides of hangovers that have stopped me drinking much at all anymore after year’s of being in the bar management game…the physical effects are obviouslly awful too but you can sometimes laugh at those over a cuppa whereas the mental anguish of suddenly feeling unable to cope with life, the universe & everthing is horrendous. Give me a nice cup of camomile tea anyday…even at 1am in a bar!

    1. Sam! My favourite grizzly mountain man, how the devil are you?! It sounds like you Smithy’s boys are all hopping on the wagon one by one. The physical side effects are normally pretty funny, when you’re unable to move off the sofa and every time you stand up you wobble whilst having a flashback about doing something silly but yes, the mental stuff is THE PITS. xx

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