Sunday Sound Off: Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys

I knew this programme was going to get on my wick when the announcer suggested it was “girl power”, oh do fuck off, there’s no girl power in it.

For those of you who didn’t see it, last night there was a programme on Channel 4 called “Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys” about women who use their ‘feminine wiles’ to bag rich men who splash cash on them without getting any nookie in return. In some ways it’s fair play to them if there are men out there daft enough to part with their hard earned cash on some bint who isn’t even going to hop in the sack with them but at the same time, have some self respect! Why on earth do you think you should be entitled to being ‘looked after’ and not have to earn things by working hard and putting in the hours? It’ll carry on ad infinitum whilst there are men dumb enough to put up with it and you could claim that the women are clever to exploit the situation but I’m not going to.

This is all part and parcel of why little girls grow up wanting to be wags and glamour models, these dozy women shouting about how empowering it is to be lavished with expensive gifts. Actually ladies it’s far more empowering to be independent and do things for yourself. Who wants to be a concubine when you could be a career woman instead? I’d love to fast forward twenty years into the future when these women have plasticised themselves beyond all belief and the money and gifts dry up, what will you do then ladies? Fall back on the career you’ve spent years building up? Oh…

Watching the programme it became apparent quite quickly that these so called “rinsers” are materialistic, shallow and absolutely fake. I’d feel sorry for them but actually I found them so abhorrent I could barely bring myself to do that. What a shame that they’re more concerned with their appearances and what baubles the latest idiot is going to buy them, there are far better things to enjoy in life than Jimmy Choo’s or Cartier watches. Maybe it’s just me but I would feel utterly beholden to someone who was showering me with gifts, and I like being my own woman far too much to get involved with all that. They admit to preying on the weak members of the man herd, picking the ones who they think will fall for their shtick before oh so subtly “dropping hints” about needing a holiday or a new trinket.

They set themselves rules for rinsing as if that somehow makes it okay. They seem to fail to realise that they’re potentially putting themselves in dangerous situations. Imagine you’re the guy who is spending the money, sure she’s saying that it’s not going to be sexual but you’re the exception to the rule, right? You’ve splashed so much on her that she’s bound to relax her rules for you, right? So what happens when she doesn’t? Are you going to roll over and accept it or is there a possibility that you’ll get angry and force the situation? I’m not suggesting that all the men are rapists or abusive but you honestly don’t know what you’re playing with. You’ve got to admire their brass neck for thinking that there’s something so special about them that men should feel honoured to splash the cash, I firmly believe that all women should have a positive sense of self esteem but in my opinion there’s a limit and this madonna whore gold digger princess act crosses it. Especially when one says she’s doing what she needs to get money and compares it to being a nurse, you’re living on another planet love!

(I know, it’s Wednesday…. Wednesday Whinge anyone?)


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off: Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys

  1. Bloody love it. Well said. No idea how they can do it, I got really pissed off yesterday cause I bloke I work with refused to walk through the door I was holding for him. Do you think those women have ever even *touched* a door?

  2. We watched most of it in utter disbelief. For me, the bits where I most wanted to shout at the TV were when one girl did that monolgue trying to convince herself and her mum that she was empowered, and when another (I forget their names) did that rant in New York about how wrong it was for the man to expect to use her. Why not? She was using him. All seemed majorly hypocritical! Also didn’t appreciate the comment about how men have to be shown who’s in control and treated a certain way. Men are human beings too, not another species! Was interesting seeing how much bile was directed at Danica on Twitter. I think they’ll regret signing up to a program which laughs at them, not with them. Dang, Channel 4 is good at that.

    1. Disbelief is definitely the word. I was sat there open mouthed that they think it’s okay to treat other humans like that. I’m not sure how they’ve all become such man haters because let’s face it that’s what they are. I hated the part where the camera man asked the woman in New York if she’d learnt anything from her experience and she replied “Yes, to get the Louis Vuitton bag before you have the argument”… Unflippingbelievable!! Xx

  3. you had me at
    ‘I knew this programme was going to get on my wick when the announcer suggested it was “girl power”, oh do fuck off, there’s no girl power in it.’
    I almost wished I’d watched it now…i’d love to know how they came to think that this was a way to be happy, as it sounds so strange…
    you’re glorious, lady

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