Great Mysteries of our Time

I lay in bed last night thinking about some of the silly things that have always puzzled me. The things where my brain starts to try and think about the workings behind them but instead gives up and attributes it to magic.

Like fax machines. I remember the first time I had to use a fax I was 24 and yet still felt it necessary to photocopy the document because I genuinely thought the fax machine was going to shred the paper into tiny pieces before firing it through the air to my recipient like some kind of high powered confetti cannon. Or wireless Internet – that shizz just makes my brain boggle. I can’t help but imagine little pieces of Internet flying through the air and having to play dodgeball with all the human beings going about their business. I wonder if different bits of Internet give people different moods? You know when you suddenly get a strop on and you don’t know why, perhaps you’ve bumped into an angry email whizzing its way through the ether. Or when you’re overcome by the horn, maybe it’s that guy at number 23 looking at big breasted lovelies whilst having some alone time? Just a thought.

Where do names come from? Who devised them originally? Particularly old fashioned names, who suddenly decided that they would be good things to call children? Who was the first Edward, or the first Mary? (oh yeah…. Jesus’s Mum)

Who was the first daredevil that decided flinging yourself off a bridge with a bit of elastic tied to your feet was a thrill? More to the point, who was the guinea pig that went first?!

I’d like to start using my brain more to fathom the science behind things rather than not even trying and chalking it all up to some sort of hocus pocus. Someone at work today was talking about a piece of equipment called a “diverter” and rather than use my brain, or indeed my common sense, I instantly said I didn’t know what that was… Oh come on Ally the clue is in the name! I think I’ve become a bit slack mentally, it’s all too easy to just accept that things work and then pay someone else to fix it when they stop working but that’s a defeatist lazy girl attitude and one I’m quite keen to change. I’m not about to go out and get a degree in physics or engineering, nor am I going to learn how to strip and rebuild a car engine whilst blindfolded and standing on one leg but I would like to be able to contribute a little bit more to technical conversations than just sitting there providing beautiful distraction.

What about you guys? What silly questions can you not fathom the answers to? Maybe we can set up some kind of knowledge exchange or pen a book such as “It’s Not Magic For Dummies”?


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