Cathedral City aka Wedding 2/9

I wish I could say it was a beautiful day for a white wedding but unfortunately the British weather got the best of it and it mizzled all day long. This didn’t dampen spirits though as we sat in the beautiful surrounds of Arundel cathedral and watched Peters & Newman make their vows. The cathedral is an extraordinarily beautiful building, I walked in and felt my breath catch in my throat at the grandeur of the place. What a setting for a wedding!

The ceremony itself felt intimate and special, spoiled only slightly by the tourists who were stood in the west door talking all the way through although I guess that’s proof that Peters & Newman really are a rock star couple, gate crashers at your wedding! Sadly these wedding crashers were more Berghaus coats and flasks of tea than Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan but I live in hope for one of the other weddings this summer. Leaving the cathedral the heavens opened and unfortunately yours truly had parked the car miles away leaving us to wend our way down some steep slippery slopes in heels. We had almost made it to the car when E suggested ducking into the fudge shop on Tarrant Street for some sustenance. Cue jokes from the boys about where E packs his fudge… I decided to buy some for the bride & groom and was very pleased to get a message this morning to say that they were lying in bed eating it very contentedly.

The reception was at Amberley Chalk Pits Heritage Museum and after having got lost on the way (oops) we made it there in time for Pimms and canapés and the chance to talk at a normal volume after the hushed reverence of the cathedral. The weather was dire however it meant that the photographs were taken under a beautiful wrought iron verandah which was not only in keeping with the heritage of the place but also fit in well with the black and white colour scheme. The bridesmaids were wearing black cocktail dresses with huge black bows on one shoulder and the ushers looked very dapper in their black and white polka dot braces (yes, I did try a pair on!) however it was P & N who just looked utterly wonderful. Peters’ dress was a stunning off the shoulder affair with a lace underskirt and she just looked radiant, Newman is a very lucky man!

After a delicious hog roast supper the tables were cleared away for the dancing, and the jaeger bombs. I think that’s pretty much all the bar sold once dinner was finished and lucky Mr Newman was subjected to eight of the things, IN A ROW! It’s lucky they have the rest of their lives together to consummate the marriage because I very much doubt there was any chance of any coitus last night. Having been at school with Newman, many moons ago, it was lovely to have the chance to catch up with some old schools friends. Including “Mr Honourable Intentions” (as he shall forever be known), my friend Ferg.

Back in the junior school days, Ferg had a bit of a soft spot for me and expressed it once by turning up at my house with a box of chocolates and a declaration of his affection but he went a bit further than that when he as an eight year old boy, said to my older cousin who was visiting from Canada… “When it comes to Alice, I can assure you my intentions are entirely honourable” Of course nobody’s ever let him forget it and I couldn’t resist asking whether they were still as honourable as they had once been. He’s turned into a total pro-smoothie now so dropped a line about how I was “hot” then and how I’m still hot now. Ooh you flatterer, stop it! No, carry on!

After throwing some shapes on the dance floor, getting a declaration of love from the groom’s father, going to stage 4 of wedding tie wearing AND wearing a pair of spotty braces (thanks LK) plus having my bottom pinched it was time to hitch up the wagon, pour E, K and P into my car and head home. With E on pain of death that if he pooed himself in my car he was going to have to buy me a new one. Sadly he remained in complete control of his bowels… And here was me hoping for an Audi!

Thanks to Peters & Newman now Peters – Newman for allowing me to share in your special day and sending you lots of love for a long and happy life together.

Ps) Sorry for not stopping E & P from pumping young Connor full of sweets… Have you peeled him off the ceiling yet? Seriously, that boy was positively vibrating with sugar! Oops.


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