Nifty Fifties

After being brave on here last night (thank you ALL for being so lovely) I grabbed the bull by the bollocks this morning and flung on a sundress to wear to work. Granted it covered my knees and I wore a cardigan with it but I strutted into work feeling, well pretending to feel confident to begin with. By the end of the day though I had realised that wearing dresses is *gasp* actually quite nice. Plus it’s bloody easy to hop out of bed in the morning and bung on a dress. The big change was that although I had a cardigan on, I felt like I could have taken it off if I’d wanted to and that actually I wasn’t wearing it to hide my arms today, I was wearing it because it looked pretty.

I duly skipped home via the shops where I bought my first EVER iron… It lights up different colours and has all sorts of buttons and gadgets and I think I’m in love with it. I’ve called her Beryl. I’ve never owned an iron before because I’ve never ironed. Yes, I’m a thirty year old woman who until Saturday had very very rarely picked up an iron, let alone used it. We had a “lady who did” when I was growing up so it never crossed my path. When I got home I stuck the radio on and flounced round the kitchen swishing my skirts and generally acting like a bit of a dick whilst I baked.

I BAKED… I’ll just let that sink in a moment.

I made two batches of ooey gooey slutty brownies, enough to take a huge tin in to work with a sizeable plate left over to appease my housemates and the best bit is that they are far too sweet for me so I’m not even tempted to dive into the tin and stuff my face.


Look good don’t they? They might only be packet mix and so easy that a trained chimp could make them but I still felt pretty chuffed that I managed to do it without burning them, that they taste bloody fabulous and that I can help a friend make money for charideeee tomorrow by flogging them off. It all got a bit 1950’s up in my life today and I really liked it although now i find myself craving a floral pinny. It was so simple to whip up something nice and I actually even enjoyed the thinking time as I ran the iron back and forth over another dress to wear to work tomorrow! I know… Who am I and what have I done with the real Long Tall Ally?!


2 thoughts on “Nifty Fifties

  1. YAY for dresses Ally. You are getting a taste for this. I seldom wear anything other than dresses, saves a lot of thinking time.

    I am actually here to offer you an award for your blog. The ‘rules’ of the Versatile Blogger award are over on my blog, but I broke them so you can too. You can either accept the award and try to follow the rules, or take it as a compliment that I really like your blog. xxx

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