Happy Hen Chicken!

As someone who grew up near enough to Worthing on the Costa Geriatrica to use it as a locator for my village, the prospect of spending the weekend there was interesting. Would I find a new appreciation of the streets I grew up on? Well yes I did and I had an awesome time with the girls and almost got emotional at that good old Sussex smell. It’s Eau De Seaweed for those not in the know.

The reason I spent the weekend reliving my youth as a rampant girl about town? Chicken’s hen do: 20120606-205255.jpg

A few short weeks before she ties the knot with Daddy Gadget. After slipping off the shackles of the working week and bombing back along the A27 I checked into the hotel and went to meet the girls on a sunny roof terrace for a few drinks and some sustenance. I then proceeded to spend the next hour being a complete klutz and flinging drinks all over the place and I can’t even blame it on booze.

LK taught us how to skank:

We went and had ice cream on Worthing pier:

Floss attempted to photobomb but instead threw her ice cream away:

Mermaid won an actual diamond in the arcades and let me borrow it for a photo:

The Bride got some sort of face fungus:

We hung out on the beach pretending it was the height of summer (it WAS quite warm):

Treated ourselves to a vintage cream tea:

Got glammed up and went to dinner at Food

Experimented with facial hair:

Made Floss drink our complimentary Sambucca as practice for her trip to Kavos:

Met a certain someone and got photo bombed:

Went to Chichester and ate yet more cake:

And generally had a wonderful time by the seaside.

Happy Hen, Chicken!


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