Skateboard shoes aren’t sexy.

Being so tall I know I’d fall over if I had tiny feet, I’d be walking down the pavement and WHAM I’d over balance and end up eating pavement but there are days when I wish I could chop off my toes to fit into a smaller size shoe, like the ugly sisters from Roald Dahl’s Cinderella.

After wearing size ten shoes for as long as I can remember, I’ve had to go out and buy a pair of shoes that fit me properly in a sexy size eleven *coughs* however as you can imagine you don’t just stumble across a pair of beautiful shoes and find out they come in an eleven. Instead you swallow your pride and go to the men’s section of the shoe shop where you wade through piles of very manly shoes to find a pair that can look unisex and not make you feel butcher than a very butch thing.

I was looking for a pair of casual shoes that I can fling on in the morning and be comfortable in. I found them and I don’t like them but my god they’re comfortable which is important because all this wearing shoes that are slightly too small has given me a bunionette. That’s not me trying to make it sound cutesy by calling it a bunionette, it’s the real deal of bunions but it’s just on the wrong side. Trust me to deviate from the norm.

Not exactly sexy are they. In fact they make me feel like a teenage boy who should be out riding round on his skateboard before smoking a roll up behind the bike sheds and talking about chicks.

All I wish for are nice shoes in a size eleven that aren’t the equivalent of a month’s rent or designed for street walkers… Is that too much to ask?


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