Bums In Saddles

This evening I tore myself away from a sunny beer garden, good friends and the first bout of non rainy good weather we’ve had in FOREVER, voluntarily clad myself in lycra and cycled like a mentalist in the HOTTEST ROOM IN THE WORLD whilst wondering what on earth was possessing me. I pushed myself to my limit, and found myself alternating between wanting to die, doing sicky burps and thinking of my friend Jamie and the rest of the Chain Reaction Cycles One Day Ahead project.

Being an altruistic lot with the requisite screws loose (you’ll see why they need those as you read on), Jamie and a few friends wanted to do something to raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research UK and the Ben Trend Foundation. Not content with doing things by halves, they hit on the idea of cycling the entire Tour de France… All 3,749km of it. Gulp. Add to that approximately 200 pro riders bearing down on them as they attempt to stay one day ahead of the main peloton and it all adds up to a serious challenge.

There was I whinging about having my bum in the saddle for 45 minutes when Jamie and the rest of the gang are on day 6 of their Tour de France challenge, with 1227km already covered and a whopping 2,522km left to go. I was pedalling away imagining Jamie and his silky smooth legs (something to do with aerodynamics apparently) going round and round and round for 23 days of bike based slogging. Mental. By the end of my class I felt quite sprightly and had a little spring in my step, I only hope the One Day Ahead team spirits are as high as the finish line slowly but surely looms into view.

To read more about the Chain Reaction Cycles One Day Ahead project visit One Day Ahead
To sponsor the team from the comfort of your sofa as they slog it out in the saddle visit Virgin Money Giving
To send them some encouragement, check in on their progress and see them give route tips to Mark Cavendish, drop in on their Twitter @LeTour1DayAhead


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