Urban Family Olympics

So I know I harped on about London 2012 on Friday but really, all the cool kids know that the real Olympic deal this summer was Dorchester 2012 aka the Urban Family Olympics.

What began as a chance to get together with my dear uni friends before the impending arrival of Englebert Humperbump (the first urban baby!) soon morphed into an Olympiad to match no other Olympiad before or after. Led very much by the enthusiasm of the First Lobster it was a brilliant weekend and meant that several of them could tick off ‘doing something really silly for no particular reason’ off their pre-30 bucket lists. 

The official programmeOn arrival at the Olympic Village we were issued with our official UFO athlete identification and set about bonding with our fellow athletes via the medium of alcohol and a spot of armchair coaching of the other Olympians (I won’t say PROPER Olympians). Chopper Boy was notably absent due to being in Afghan and Lego Man was tied up competing in a game of bat and ball that is not officially recognised by the IOC and therefore doesn’t count as a real sport… (Love you really!)

Competition day dawned and it was time to get my game face on:

Game faceWe made our way to the park laden with our extremely professional and expensive sports equipment and it was time to get this Olympic party started. Dorchester 2012 saw:

World record speed egg and spoon action:

Usain who?Incredible welly wanging:

1,2,3 WANG!A tortoise on a Space Hopper:

Boing!Some punchy grunty shotput throwing from the ladies:











Showboating by the boys:WiggoHarlem Globetrotter Tortoise









Serious dedication to the After Eight game:

Sport not PornThis only got me SILVER!






And of course, the obligatory team photo to mark this momentous occasion in Olympic history:

Team Urban FamilyAll in all it was a brilliant weekend of fun and silliness with friends, roll on next year’s Urban Commonwealth Games! (Yes, a year early…)

ps) we even had a Paralympic event – blind space hoppering!

Bounce... Bounce... Where am I?


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