What to tell you about?

I could tell you that over the past month I’ve transformed into Sleeping Beauty and am really struggling not to have a nap every day when I get in. Or about spending time with my gorgeous and funny nephew and his new little sister who made my ovaries twang and smelt like a proper baby. *sigh* Or fill you in (what I can remember anyway!) on Binky’s birthday in Central London where yours truly got battered and made my friends think I was potentially trying to get off with one of them, “But Lauren, you need to listen, I really REALLY love you” before being sick just outside the taxi and collapsing face first on their sofa (“Don’t be sick on our Laura Ashley!”) ending up actually thinking I was dead the next day and swearing that I was never drinking again. 

I could tell you that my fringe is starting to piss me right off and I’m tempted to shave my head to get rid of it. I could try and make you understand how excited I am to see my friend’s at the weekend for Odger’s 30th, we’re going on a trip down memory lane to one particular DIVE of a bar that we used to frequent whilst students before skipping off to a much nicer part of town for a slap up meal. I could regale you with stories of pregnant friends, one 6 days overdue who describes herself as a ‘ticking baby bomb that there is no way to detonate’ and of plans afoot for Christmas and fun stuff.

But actually at the moment, even with all that, I just don’t have much to say…


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