Bum Floss and Big Boobs

That got your attention huh?

When I was at my biggest my underwear could have doubled for circus tents. The elephants could have sought shelter under my pants and the dancing ladies, the strong man and the lion plus tamer could have bedded down in either bra cup. I always thought that there wasn’t a point in wearing nice grundies because nobody was ever going to see them. The usual fare was big greyish apple catcher knickers with loose elastic and a bra that looked more like a “my first training bra” than anything an adult woman would be seen dead in.

My lovely friend OJ would never dream of not wearing matching underwear whereas although yours truly has updated her knicker drawer I’m still a knicker slut because anything goes. Patterned knickers with a black bra, white bra with black pants, even *gasp* black bra under a white shirt. See? I don’t have separate undies for work and for going out, I don’t have lucky knickers or pulling pants, and I’ve never believed in the power of “nice bra juju” whereby donning your fanciest lacy number gives you the cojones to get through an important meeting. In fact, if you take a gander at The Bic Dick you’ll see that I don’t get on that well with underwear in the workplace.

But then Panache http://www.panache-lingerie.com/ got in touch and offered to send me some new pants. Not only new pants, new MATCHING pants to make me feel like a grown up in total control of herself, ready to take on the corporate world and break some balls. As a woman with a large chest I was really impressed with their range, below is just a selection of the goodies on offer. I settled on the Superbra in Andorra Lagoon set (4th picture) and was really chuffed with it, even if it didn’t give me superpowers…






And no, I don’t look like that in mine and yes, hell will freeze over before I pose in my knick knacks for you delightful lot. I wriggled into the set one morning when I had a pretty full on day at work, a meeting I could do with impressing in, a lot of deadlines, and a smattering of life based drama and blow me down with a feather if I didn’t feel a certain spring in my step knowing that my tatas were nicely cradled in fancy lace and I had some fabric nestled up my buttcrack.

Superbra, I salute you for convincing me of the power of the underwire and for giving me a certain sense of Panache (geddit?) when I go about my day. I’m off to upgrade my knicker drawer!

*PR sample. Panache underwear is available at http://www.panache-lingerie.com/


One thought on “Bum Floss and Big Boobs

  1. Allyface I LOVE this post. You really do have the best turn of phrase for stuff.

    Also I adore Panache – their underwear is so pretty but also comfortable which is mega rare. Highly recommend their sports bras, I can’t live without mine!


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