Zut Alors, Michael Kors!

I’ve fallen in love. Proper sparkly shiny dry mouth heart poundy not going to be able to sleep tonight thinking about the beauty love.

It’s with Michael Kors. Not the 53 year old blazer wearing American fashion designer, but with the gorgeousness he puts his name to. I’ll confess, it brings out the magpie in me and I want to gather all the shiny together and nest with it whilst whispering ‘my pretties’ over and over.

It started when I thought I’d replace my battered old Fossil watch and clocked a friend of a friend with something gold and chunky on her wrist. Gold, chunky and Michael Kors. Having stalked gold chunky watches for a while, I’ve come to rest on the one that I’m hoping will be a 30ish birthday present, probably from Me, to Me because I’m nice like that.

image courtesy of polyvore.com
Michael Kors MK8077 from £158 through Amazon UK

 But it doesn’t stop there, because it transpires that Mr Kors does a fine line in other beautiful things. Like these bangles which I’d stack up high on my wrist and listen to them jangle whilst I sip cocktails at a glamorous rooftop bar and slink about in a très chic kaftan (naturally I’m a size 8 glamazon with bronzed pool boys catering to my every whim in my bangle fantasy).

Skinny Buckle Bangles, Rose Golden $95 from Michael Kors website
Skinny Buckle Bangles, Rose Golden $95 from Michael Kors website

I’ll tell you a funny story about the night I attempted to wear a pair of shoes similar to the ones below. It was for a ball at Goodwood House, I got all glammed up and felt fabulous, cracked out the shoes and realised as I tottered to the car that a) they made me 6’7″ and b) I couldn’t fecking walk in them. It wasn’t long before I kicked them off under the table and got a friend to fetch my flats when he popped back to the bedrooms for something. Oh how I wish I’d kept the high shoes on. If I had, I wouldn’t have got so drunk that I thought a very famously gay celebrity was chatting me up, spent the best part of a grand in one night and sent Greg James from Radio One an email asking him out. Okay, I wouldn’t change that last part because it was great fun but STILL. I can’t walk in shoes like this, but I can lust after them.

Kaleigh Studded Platform sandal $295 Michael Kors website
Kaleigh Studded Platform sandal $295 Michael Kors website

And the final, most magpie inducing shiny shiny of them all:

Gia Studded clutch $795 Michael Kors website
Gia Studded clutch $795 Michael Kors website

Isn’t it incredible? It comes in black, navy, grey and ecru but if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it properly right? This thing is IN YOUR FACE bling and I love it. So what started with some arm candy in the shape of a watch has now progressed to pretty much the entire Michael Kors website. Oh to win the lottery.

Go on over and have a browse but don’t blame me if your bank manager takes a hit out on you. http://www.michaelkors.com



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