Buried (Chocolate) Treasure

My number came up today and I won something very cool in the ‘post Christmas stave off the January blues’ raffle at work. After the email pinged into my inbox I couldn’t help but fling myself down the stairs to HR to find out what had my name on it.

I won.... a cardboard box!
I won…. a cardboard box!

Isn’t this box just awesome? I can’t help but think of it being buried at the bottom of the ocean filled with a Pirate’s booty of rubies, emeralds, pearls and gold coins a plenty…Pic taken by Long Tall Ally Sadly for me there it didn’t contain buried treasure, well not of the bling bling type anyway.

Ooh goodies!
Ooh goodies!

Inside my treasure chest was the yummiest treasure of all, McPherson’s Australian Curious Moscato, Arté Chocolat cocoa dusted French truffles, Cartwright & Butler Butterscotch Crunch Biscuits, Barney Jack’s Natural Dolly Mixtures, a Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company Strawberry & Champagne Mini Chocolate Pizza (nice catchy title there!), and the most curious item of all, a Choc-O-Lait Speculoos Cinammon & Ginger Hot Choc Stick which is a lump of Belgian chocolate on a stick and thanks to the Speculoos name, makes me think of something you might encounter at the Doctor’s surgery.

Strawberry, Champagne and Chocolate? Delicious!
Strawberry, Champagne and Chocolate? Delicious!
Buttery Biscuit Base!
Buttery Biscuit Base!

The truffles look not unlike cat poo which is quite amusing considering that our little ratbag Lily did her toileting in my housemate’s en suite yesterday. I’ll admit, there was a tiny urge to pop a couple of chocolates in there today and wait for the fireworks! Apparently the truffles are utterly delicious though and have duly been donated to the house as they’re fiends for a bit of rich chocolatey action.

Do they stick to the roof of your mouth?
Do they stick to the roof of your mouth?

The Choc-O-Lait Speculoos Cinammon & Ginger Hot Choc Stick (or COLSCGHCS for short) is billed as being ‘sheer heaven on a stick’ and it’s making me wish I drank hot drinks and liked the taste of ginger! You warm a mug of milk up for a minute and then dunk your lump of choccie in there and give it a good old swirl to create the perfect hot chocolate. It’s pretty cool for something so hot, and when Barney gets back from flinging herself down the slopes and necking Jagermeister to stave off the lurgy (“If in doubt, drink it out!”), I’m going to make her try it and report back.

A lovely treat on this freezing cold Tuesday and the nicest part has been not coming home and demolishing the entire lot myself but rather sharing it with my housemates and saving some for Barney’s homecoming.


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