Review: Energise You by Oliver Gray

2012 was all about a Mr Grey for a lot of women, and I think 2013 is shaping up to be all about another Mr Gray and not just for the fairer sex… Oliver Gray, ex tennis player and personal trainer, and Managing Director and founder of energiseYou has recently released his book ‘Energise You’, the ‘ultimate health and energy plan’ and as soon as the book landed on my doorstep I couldn’t resist curling up on the sofa armed with a green highlighter and diving in.

The book has seven chapters that centre on the seven key elements that impact most on you and your well-being – Mind Management, Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Computer Use, Re-Energise and the doozy, Work-Life Balance. Before I knew it I’d read the book from cover to cover and was logging on the energiseYou website in order to take their on-line energy check to see where I was most deficient before putting my head back into the book for a second slower read and the chance to think about applying the knowledge to my life.

The way the information is laid out and broken down makes it far more manageable than other ‘self help’ books I’ve read and there were quite a few eureka moments where it was like Oliver had de-cluttered a tiny part of the fog inside my brain. Since reading it, it’s like I’ve had nuggets of wisdom implanted in my noggin that pop up when I least expect them and point me in the right direction, such as putting down my phone, iPad and laptop for at least an hour before going to bed in order to help myself get to sleep. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And yet it had never occurred to me until I was sent this book.

I’ve been using Oliver’s book for a couple of weeks now and apart from last night when I had the worst night’s sleep since records began, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my energy and in my sleep quality. I’m going to give it three months of implementing the changes suggested in the sleep and re-energise chapters and then take the on-line energy test again to see how I do before moving on to some of the other areas in an attempt to gain some balance.

I’d recommend this book to anyone looking to get a bit of pizazz back in their life, for £7.99 you can’t really go wrong and if you’re anything like me you’ll be dipping in and out of it and sharing tips with all your friends. It’s available online at and there is a Kindle version on Amazon at £4.19.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Energise You by Oliver Gray

  1. Just ordered this, with working extreme shifts and often getting up at 4am, I need all the help I can get! Oh and it’s £5.99 on Amazon now! See you soon, looking forward to it x

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