I’m now 30 past the hour of one. No, I don’t know what that means either but it’s what I was telling people as time marched on and I clocked up another year on the odometer of life yesterday. And what a day it was…

I’ve never been at work on my birthday before so it was actually a nice treat taking half of the Sainsbury’s cake aisle into the office for my colleagues, including a double batch of ‘Slutty Brownies’ from uber blog The Londoner which went like hotcakes and were described as being ‘better than s3x’ (darn email filters!) I was a tad naughty and opened some cards before it was officially my birthday and when I opened another load in bed yesterday morning and yet more when I got home from work today I was amused by the definite themes running through them – animals and alcohol. Could my friends be trying to tell me something? That I’ve somehow got myself a reputation as an animal loving party girl?

I was thoroughly spoilt and spent the day with a massive dopey grin on my face at how fabulous my family and friends are – they really do know me better than I know myself when it comes to buying me lovely things and I’m now the proud owner of two beautiful new scarves, a stunning necklace, a scented candle for my room, some gorgeous earrings, a heart rate monitor (more on that later!), a leather notebook ready to be filled with goodness and also tickets to the musical or show of my choice! Add to that drinks tomorrow night with some of the Thunderbirds at the The Black Bottle which is a quirky self service wine bar in Winchester and a trip to Bath with the urban family followed by board games (Team Chicks are sooooo going to win!) and baby F cuddles on Saturday and all in all my 30ish birthday has been the best one yet.


2 thoughts on “30ish

  1. Ally there is a theme that runs through all your posts which is how much your family and friends love you and all the lovely kind things they do for you … making me think you must be worth it hey 😀 loads of love and happy belated birthday 🙂 xx xx xx

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