Six Months Today…

If you’re my friend on Facebook you’ll have seen me recently swear blind that whilst I was in awe of my lovely Leeds lass doing the London Marathon, I would NEVER dream of doing any such thing.

And then I got to thinking about why I’d never dream of doing it, and settled on the fact that I don’t like running and that I’d never be able to complete it anyway. Then I got to thinking that I’ve never really run anywhere so how do I know I don’t like it, and if I’ve never done it, how do I know I can’t? Well then all that thinking made all the blood rush away from my brain and in a moment of weakness and madness I whipped out my credit card and signed up for the Great South Run. Which is six months today and I currently can’t run to the end of my street…

But never fear because I have assembled a crack team of support, those that will beast me round a training run (whether I like it or not), those that will give me pity and offer gin, and hopefully those that will be there on the day ready to scoop me up at the Finish. Which I will bloody make, by hook or by crook!

I’ve got a pair of trainers, an iPod packed with cheesy tunes (more on this later) and a sense of grim determination which includes two mantras to be repeated when the going gets tough (so y’know, ALL THE TIME I AM ATTEMPTING TO RUN) which are ‘Man up, Wetpants’ and ‘Just Fucking Do It’…

So attractive...
So attractive…

Here I am post first training run and gym session having earned my ‘Lionheart’ badge on the Couch to 10k iPhone app. I was puffing and panting so much it felt like I was earning my ‘NeedANewHeart’ badge but hopefully that feeling will subside as I continue down my path to the start line.

Screenshot by Long Tall AllyIt will come as no surprise that I’m not just doing this for funsies, and so expect to see me pimping out a Just Giving page as we draw closer to the big day.

This is my commitment that on the 27th October I’ll be lacing up my trainers and getting to the start line ready to do this. BRING IT ON. (whimpers)


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