Whoda Thunk…

My blogging mojo got up and left a little while ago and I’ve been pondering recently whether I should continue documenting what I’m up to or call it a day. This blog is a bit neither here nor there a lot of the time, it’s definitely not a fashion or beauty blog, I don’t think it can be called a lifestyle blog – I don’t post recipes or vignettes of purchases or craft projects and the like. In fact a lot of the time I have to summon up energy to blog at all especially when the depression hits. I suppose only time will tell what happens with longtallally.com.

In the meantime I’ve been running. And talking about running. And reading about running. And buying running accessories – all the gear and no idea? Well you be the judge of that, dear reader, when you have read my sorry tale of running woe.

I’m doing the couch to 10k and although I’d been religiously going to the gym three times a week to bust my hump on the treadmill, I couldn’t break through the barrier of 2.5 minutes running. This was more ‘Just Don’t It’ than ‘Just Do It’, there was no little engine that could about my attempts and I very definitely was not running faster when it hurt. I was so demoralised one Thursday that I hadn’t even made it to the safety of my car when sweaty and red faced, I burst into tears in the gym car park. I grabbed my phone and bashed out a text to my friend Dan who has listened to me wang on about it since I started.

Screenshot by Long Tall Ally

I replied telling him I couldn’t possibly talk to him because I would CRY and that would be AWFUL to which he promised to fire up his iPhone bitchslap app should a single tear depart my ducts. Our phone call went like this:

Me: Waaah, waaah, I’m rubbish, I can’t run, I am a failure, I hate it and I’m going to let everyone down.

Dan: Talk me through what you do…

Me: I’m running on the treadmill because I don’t want to run outside and I’ve only got the treadmill on 7.5 which I know is rubbish,

Dan: *splutters* Come again?! 7.5 is the equivalent of an EIGHT minute mile you dick!

Me: And?

Dan: That’s SUPER fast. Like ridiculously fast. Slow down the pace, you penis.

Okay so that’s not the exact wording, but the basic gist is the same. He made me promise to give it a go at a slower pace and what do you know – like the Karate Kid when he listened to Mr Miyagi, it fricking well worked and I smashed through my previously unsurmountable 2.5 minute barrier and cruised all the way through to THREE WHOLE MINUTES, had a bit of a walk, and then DID IT AGAIN!!! *lets off party poppers* The other revelation that came out was that me (maths genius extraordinaire) thought that the faster I ran, the faster the time would tick down…

Now I’m up to 6 minutes of running at once, am doing my first Parkrun 5k at the weekend and am actually starting to enjoy myself. Whoda thunk it! I guess it’s been a much needed lesson in not listening to myself when I say I can’t do something.


4 thoughts on “Whoda Thunk…

  1. Yeah Ally!! But also, YOU NUMPTY!! I wish I’d done the C210K, I did a few training runs, then just did it which. was. stupid. I died. And nearly threw up :-S For no good reason doing another one around the Cheddar Gorge on Sunday. Was wondering why, and your blog reminded me: THE BUZZ. Good luck, my love, keep banging away at it 😀 x

    1. I could win an award for being a peen! I never thought that I’d feel a buzz after running, and actually look forward to my next run but somewhere along the line it’s happened! Good luck for Cheddar Gorge – sounds tough!! Xx

    1. I’ve had the treadmill on an incline, and on Saturday I’m taking my jelly to the common for the 5k Parkrun! First proper run outside so really looking forward to it. That treadmill cheat sheet is awesome, thanks hun!

      Who knows, maybe we’ll meet for a run together one day?! Xx

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