Sunday Sound Off: Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has become ubiquitous with being opinionated, forthright and a bit of a media hate figure as she spouts off about all sorts in a bid to stay current. Best known for gobbing off on The Apprentice and getting randy in a field with a married man, she’s certainly not one to hold back on her opinions and her most recent outburst has got people up and down the land riled up and vocal.

Her latest effort is to go on record saying that she judges children by their names, and refuses to let her children play with those who have what she considers to be working class names, with particular venom directed towards those called Tyler. Hopkins appeared on ‘This Morning’ with Phillip and Holly and held court about names she considers to be appropriate and therefore trilled gently at the school gate such as ‘Iliana trot back here’ compared to names that are screeched by Primark wearing uneducated slobs, ‘Oi, Tyler come ‘ere’. The clip has gone viral and I’d wager that most of you have seen it already and gasped in horror at the tripe that has come out of her mouth, but let’s look at it for a moment.

I think the outrage that has been stirred up is natural however at the same time, I think a lot of it is coming from a holier than thou place whereby nobody has ever judged anyone about anything and aren’t we all just saints and yah boo sucks Katie Hopkins is the devil. There is a difference between making a judgement and acting upon it, and if you’re trying to tell me you’ve never made a judgement on someone based on their name, then I call Pinocchio. We all do it, although granted most of us draw the line at actually verbalising the judgements or going on National Television and spouting off on it, but then most of us survive on oxygen and not the oxygen of publicity like La Hopkins.

I can appreciate that she is trying to protect her little darlings and surround them with the Ruperts, Tarquins and Jonty’s of the world who will grow up wearing red trousers and braces and call champagne ‘champs’ whilst braying (oops, there I go, making judgements!) but really what she is doing is preventing them from experiencing life. A name is not a solid indicator of social class, nor intelligence, nor morals or manners or anything other than that which a person should be called. Besides, I’ll eat my hat if her darlings aren’t at private school and in reality, how many working class children will they be mixing with in a fee paying school?

The delicious irony of it all is that during her rant at Phillip and Holly she whinged about hating geographical names such as ‘Brooklyn’ or ‘Laaaahndan’ (her inflection, not mine) at which point Phillip Schofield the silver fox leant forward and with bemusement and an underlying layer of glee said ‘But your daughter is called India?’

Apparently that’s not related to a place.


And denial is just a river in Africa.


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