Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You’re Only A Day Away!!

Oh holy fuck.

Six months seemed like bloody ages when I blithely signed up for the Great South Run and yet somehow my bag is packed, my trainers are laced and I’m having my last supper. 

People keep asking if I’m pushing for a particular time and I’m not, other than wishing it’s over as soon as is humanly possible of course. It is really easy to get hooked into a magic number but for me it has to all be about the very fact I’m at the start line at all. 

In 2008 I couldn’t get out of bed without dangerously wheezing and taking time to recover. I wasn’t supposed to make it to thirty and yet here I am, almost 32 and doing a ten mile run for charity. 

Running has taught me a lot but the two lessons I hold dearest are that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible and that the only thing holding me back is my own disbelief in myself. 

There have been highs and lows along the way but I’ve had such an amazing sense of support from dear friends and colleagues that I’m going into this feeling buoyed up and confident that I’m going to do my best and that’s all that matters. 

I won’t be breaking any records tomorrow, and I may not even run the whole thing, especially as I’m currently powered by Lemsip but I’m going to soak up the atmosphere, remember how far I’ve come and most importantly KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

If you would like to join the ranks of wonderful people who have already sponsored me then please visit alternatively you can text LONG82 plus £amount to 70070.

In 2008 I got my own miracle and by sponsoring me you’ll be helping Miracles the charity to provide many miracles for others.

Thank you and see you on the flip side. 


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