Stoop Wars

It appeared out of nowhere on our beautiful Victorian stoop. I rounded the front of the building to my flat and caught its beady eyes peering at me from atop its perch by number 8. An owl. Not just any owl of course, but one that has been dunked in glitter and is now sat there looking like Liberace has opened a petting zoo.

The next day Sparkly the campest owl in Netley had been joined by a plastic ball of neon green “plant” hanging from our wrought iron fixture between the two flats. The day after, a modicum of taste arrived chez nous when some actual real life photosynthesising plants in terracotta pots appeared. I couldn’t help but wonder if we were going to be joined by a new addition each day until it necessitated hurdling over a herbaceous border to get home.

Thankfully the new arrivals stopped breeding and I can admit that in a certain light (i.e. Non sparkle inducing dusk) that the owl does look quite sweet. Fast forward a day or two and I find myself looking at my side and wondering… Do want a sparkly owl, topiary in the shape of an ice cream cone, or some other eye-catching piece of toot to welcome me home?


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