Now You Are Ten

Dear Samjam,

I’ve not written to you like this before but on the occasion of your 10th birthday I thought it only fitting to mark this special birthday for a special kid. In short (unlike you who is growing like a weed) you’re a delight. I’m so proud of you and I love spending time with you. I know you’re getting to the stage where I’m an embarrassment and you won’t want to be seen with Aunty Owl – you definitely won’t want me waiting at the school gate or pretending that the trolley in Tesco is a race car and believe me I get that. What I’m hoping is that when you get a bit older and girls come onto the horizon properly or you’re in the doghouse with Mum and Dad you’ll be able to come to your Owl for some advice. Although given how many girlfriends you’ve had and the fact you once asked ‘Aunty Owl, when are you going to get married? I’m going to get married when I’m 26 and you’re way older than that’ perhaps I should be asking you.

Hormones will kick in soon and you’ll go from being a loveable; outgoing; cheerful boy into a mizzog; smelly; grunty manchild who thinks all adults are crap and that’s fine, we’ll weather that storm with you and look forward to welcoming you back into the real world when you come out the other side. I know you’re destined for bright things with the winning combination you’ve got of Aunty Owl’s intelligence, Aunty Owl’s humour, Aunty Owl’s creativity and let’s not forget… Aunty Owl’s modesty!

You’re a lovely older brother to Bennybenula – we fully expect you to find him a pain in the arse at some stage but it won’t last. You’ll gang up on Mum and Dad together and I’m sure there’ll be slamming doors and shouting but you must remember that they will always love you and always be there for you. Even if you get drunk and puke over Mum (ask Dad about his experiences of this with Grandma…)

When you’re a bit older I’ll tell you all about your Grandma who would have (DOES!) love you utterly. I’ll also tell you all the stories that your Dad would rather I didn’t (roly polys down the stairs, Humph?) and show you as many incriminating photos of Mum and Dad that I can muster.

Wherever life takes you, whatever it throws at you, and whatever path you take I’m here for you.

Twit Twooooo I love youuuuu!

Aunty Owl xxxx


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