Friday Five: 04-08-2017

Reading: ‘Hold Back the Stars’ by Katie Khan. What a debut! Described as being the new ‘One Day’ (sidebar: I hated that book but adored this one) and being translated into twenty different languages Katie has really knocked it out of the park with this one. Can’t wait for the movie – there’ll be a movie surely?!

Listening: ‘Told You So’ by Paramore. Always thought Paramore were some screechy heavy metal band. Very pleased to have been proved wrong.

Watching: Recently rediscovered ‘PhoneShop’ and it is snort enducingly hilarious. Two of the characters Ashley and Jerwayne remind me of some friends and I like to text one just saying ‘a OWL?!’ from time to time. All three series are on All 4 and it’s well worth a watch.

Lusting: ‘Rouge Rite’ by CND Shellac which is my ‘go-to’ red colour and gets sooo many compliments.

Loathing: This August weather. Slipper socks and a Hogwarts hoodie in the height of ‘summer’ is not the one!




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