Friday Five: 25-08-2017

No Friday Five last week as yours truly was busy officiating a wedding blessing (I know, Me! In charge of someone’s happy day!) so hearty congratulations to S&T and thank you for letting me be part of your special day. This Friday Five is coming to you live and direct from a muggy Singapore – my hair is like Monica Geller’s Barbados barnet.

Reading: An incredibly wordy (some might say dull, I couldn’t possibly comment) 48 page document on the General Data Protection Regulation – zzzzzzzzz.

Listening: ‘Mario Kart Love Song’ by Sam Hart. A funny little ditty, I can’t remember where I heard it first but it gets stuck in my head a LOT.

Watching: I watched ‘Hidden Figures’ on the plane over here on a recommendation from Toj and I adored it. It made me cry and I want to watch it again on my journey home.

Lusting: My front door is inside up a flight of stairs that already has a doormat at the bottom but bugger me if I don’t want this homage to my gin loving as a crowning glory outside my door.

Loathing: I’m not loathing it, that seems a bit harsh when I have an infinity pool I can dive into after work but the heat in Singapore at the moment is gross. Even my Singaporean colleagues are complaining. I’m looking forward to getting back to a good old British summer. Where you need sweaters and an umbrella.


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: 25-08-2017

    1. It’s so amazing here, I’m sad to be sat in the airport lounge about to head home. Although not that sad because there is wine. Is wine acceptable at 5:30am? I mean it’s 10:30pm at home so it’s okay RIGHT??

      It’s spotlessly clean and efficient, and very beautiful. It’s hot as balls though. You should get over here if you can, I can’t wait to come back.

      Of course I’ll eulogise your funeral. I’m imagining dressing very Dynasty with mega earrings, bouffed hair, and shoulder pads mmmkay? Well, you can’t say anything because you’re dead. Sad face.

      1. Right on the South Coast, place called Southampton. It’s not like the Hamptons – suspicious lack of Kardashians. But it’s right on the water and the bit I live in (the suburbs) is totally beautiful.

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