Friday Five: 01-09-2017

Reading: Recommended to me by two family members, one of whom works with Dr. Steve Peters the author. The Chimp Paradox is a brilliant insight into what’s going on in your swede, and how to train that chimp!

Listening: A sweet little ditty that gets wedged in your brain – just ask my colleagues I’ve been singing it non stop for the past week. Lava by Kuana Torres Kahele is from a 2014 Pixar short on the Inside Out DVD and is very very cute.

Watching: Soooo many films on my flights to and from Singers. Standouts were American Pastoral (although Ewan McGregor is yet again a preppy good guy *rolls eyes*), Snowden and Life of Pi which I finally managed to sit all the way through. Still can’t decide if I love it or hate it but it provoked quite a few reactions so that’s a good thing I guess?

Lusting: ESPA Pink Pomelo lip balm which I absolutely adore and am almost out of. Delicately flavoured with pink grapefruit it leaves my lips lovely and soft.

Loathing: Being sick. More blog content to come on this but I have been puking a LOT recently (no, not pregnant) and it’s getting bloody boring.


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