Friday Five: 08-09-2017

Reading: This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. If you want to have babies maybe read it well in advance so you have a chance to recover from the hideousness of some of the stories. Adam used to work in Obstetrics and Gynaecology AKA ‘Brats and Twats’ or ‘Runts and C****s’ Yes, I’m still banging on about it. GO AND READ IT NOW.

Listening: Bit of a curveball here but the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. I saw an incredible production of it last year with my buddy Rachel and it was so good we’re going to see exactly the same production again tomorrow. And I might be going to see it next week as well. It’s open air theatre and it’s September so it’s probably going to piss it down but we have our love of the show (and Prosecco) to keep us warm. It’s a very modern production and the costumes look like they’ve come from Kanye West. It’s more like Yeezus Christ Superstar…

Watching: ‘Celebs Go Dating’ has just started again in the UK and it’s just incredible. Incredibly awkward – they sent a posh girl on a date with a stripper who kept talking about his caramel chopper and how it’s so big that when he windmills it there’s a breeze. Incredibly classy – They sent a Northern bird on a date with a guy and she asked him to get his bum out in the restaurant, which he did. And incredibly fun to watch.

Lusting: Neon. I’m not talking about donning my best tight and bright clothing and heading off to get off my nut on WKD Blue, I mean neon signage. I have an entire Instagram collection called ‘Neon of Dreams’ and want to fill my imaginary Pinterest-worthy house with all of it.

Loathing: I actually can’t think of anything… must mean all is right in my world. That or my medications have finally kicked in (it’s more likely to be this.).


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