The extra special aunt spiker Friday five: 06-10-2017

My darling Aunt Spiker

The end of months of revising harder than anyone I’ve ever known is almost at an end and I am SO SO PROUD OF YOU. 

You have persisted through the highs and the lows, the moments where you’ve really struggled and those when it’s all come together and you’ve thought “I’ve got this”. 

Just know that when you step into that exam room (over two days! Urgh!) you have so many people rooting for you. We can’t wait to celebrate with you and see you get your weekends back! 

Thought you might like a little mood booster before next week so darling, this is for you:

Listening: Well, how could it be anything other than your Friday song?! Remember ‘Everything is Awesome!’ 

Drinking: Hard earned cocktails in Bali – very soon…

Watching: Anything with a Tom, we know you love a Tom. 

Loving: Us all! Loving you loving us right back! What a lotta love. Also: loving it almost being over. 

Mantra: How can you believe in a positive outcome with negative thoughts? Always believe in yourself no matter what. 

Jungle Boogie cocktails on me when it’s all over, 

Love you, love you, mean it, mean it! 

Hipflasks and snow plans forever, 

Aunt Sponge xxxx 


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