2017 In Review

I sat there in a quiet moment on New Year’s Eve when the parents were upstairs dropkicking the kids through bath time (not literally!) and found myself thinking about 2017 and what a nice year it was. There weren’t too many dramas, there were some low points, but overall it was bloody lovely.

I watched two of my best friends get married danced the night away in the most fabulous venue.

I went behind the secret door to drink champagne in a 20’s themed speakeasy.

I went to Oxford for a long weekend of sightseeing and boozing. I came home with a hangover and a solar powered nodding Buddha.

I joined the Board of Directors for my industry professional body and appeared on stage as an ‘expert’ (I know right?)

I went to the South of France for a long weekend conference and got quite the tan… (I counted Mississippily!) We also attended a ‘white party’ which looked like a Scientology wedding in an olive grove.

Went to Devon on Urban Family Holiday 2017, got a rash from the hot tub and a stonking hangover.

Got all gussied up and went to Polo in Hurlingham Park as guests of Team Buenos Aires – who lost but did so admirably. Fell in love with polo players in tight trousers.

Stomping divots

Went to Royal Ascot on the hottest day of the year, didn’t gamble, did eat chicken wings on a stag do afterwards.

Went out on a massive bender which ended with my chipping a bone in my elbow and snogging a random man for hours on end.

The next day went to Henley Royal Regatta with a hangover the size of Mongolia, but powered through and ended up going out clubbing afterwards. There was me dressed like I was off to meet the Queen surrounded by skinny twerking girls wearing batty riders.

Hung out a lot with my Hobo cat

Went to Scotland and froze at the bottom of a mountain during my first Board meeting.

Set up my home office – haven’t used my desk since.

Went to Singapore and fell in love with Gardens by the Bay. Facetimed a friend in the rain who thought I was mental.

Saw Jesus Christ Superstar in the open air theatre… for the SECOND TIME.

Went to Miami! Lucky old duck that I am.

Went to Wynwood Walls Arts District – a tick off the bucket list

West to Fort Lauderdale! – ate deep fried turkey whilst being serenaded by a Fireman playing bagpipes.

Went to a party in an Aquarium before refusing to drink Jagermeister out of the bottle lid in my hotel bar.

Wore a balloon hat made to look like an aeroplane BECAUSE…

I won two long haul flights anywhere in the World – now I get to take one of my dearest buddies to JAPAN baby

And ended the year having some “Therapy” whilst getting mangled on gin with my best friends.

If 2018 is anything like 2017 then I’m in for a treat… and several hangovers.


4 thoughts on “2017 In Review

  1. Ally! I was thinking about you the other day, wondering how you’ve been! Your life is pretty freaking magical! I LOL’d at “attended a ‘white party’ which looked like a Scientology wedding in an olive grove.” Best. description. ever!

    1. Honestly, I wish I could show you photos. There were about 400 of us, all dressed completely in white with all white table settings. Was expecting to all get married or all drink kool-aid laced with arsenic. Actually it turned out to be totally fantastic and no Tom Cruise in sight!

  2. Dude. This post had me smiling the whole way through because I love how you are able to turn a shit-show into humour and hope! You are hilarious, and I am so looking forward to reading about your 2018 adventures. Here’s hoping you find your Mark Darcy!

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