About Long Tall Ally

I’m Ally aka Long Tall Ally and these are my Tales from the Scales. If you’re looking for clothes for tall women then I’m afraid you won’t find them here, you need to visit my friend Sally.

Please excuse the ever so glamorous photo above, I’m not normally so made up. Normally you’ll find me far less put together and stopping to hitch my trousers up every few steps as I have an inability to buy clothes that fit properly. This may be to do with the fact that I used to be super morbidly obese (and there’s nothing super about it) and so don’t really have a clue how big my arse actually is now I’m reduced to just being porky.

Long Tall Ally’s Tales from the Scales started in September 2008 as a way to deal with the ‘feelings’ (air quotes much needed) around what would turn in to shedding an entire person’s worth of weight. No longer could I run to the fridge to push down the emotion so I started running to the laptop and blogging it out instead. The blog has been turned into a book which I am hawking round various agents on the off chance of you all being able to get your mitts on it in your local bookshop.

Since the early days Long Tall Ally has evolved and is attempting to become a little bit of everything, not just me wanging on about the size of my bum or how single I am (answers: pretty big and very!) and I’m hoping that you, dear reader, will find something of interest contained amongst these pages. Or something to make you laugh at the very least.

Huge thanks must go to Tom Ward the wonderful designer of the ‘Alice’ header which forms part of his ‘Alt Disney’ series for his permission to use it on my site. Check out his Instagram for other fab artworks

Why not drop me a line and say hello? longtallally@gmail.com for all your email needs…



2 thoughts on “About Long Tall Ally

  1. Ally! We just received notice that you are telling your journey from the scales. Great idea and Sisters in Height on facebook will be watching your progress. You are a bold, sassy, and awesome tall girl! Good Luck! Your SIH KT

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