Friday Five: 08-09-2017

Reading: This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. If you want to have babies maybe read it well in advance so you have a chance to recover from the hideousness of some of the stories. Adam used to work in Obstetrics and Gynaecology AKA ‘Brats and Twats’ or ‘Runts and C****s’ Yes, I’m still banging on about it. GO AND READ IT NOW.

Listening: Bit of a curveball here but the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. I saw an incredible production of it last year with my buddy Rachel and it was so good we’re going to see exactly the same production again tomorrow. And I might be going to see it next week as well. It’s open air theatre and it’s September so it’s probably going to piss it down but we have our love of the show (and Prosecco) to keep us warm. It’s a very modern production and the costumes look like they’ve come from Kanye West. It’s more like Yeezus Christ Superstar…

Watching: ‘Celebs Go Dating’ has just started again in the UK and it’s just incredible. Incredibly awkward – they sent a posh girl on a date with a stripper who kept talking about his caramel chopper and how it’s so big that when he windmills it there’s a breeze. Incredibly classy – They sent a Northern bird on a date with a guy and she asked him to get his bum out in the restaurant, which he did. And incredibly fun to watch.

Lusting: Neon. I’m not talking about donning my best tight and bright clothing and heading off to get off my nut on WKD Blue, I mean neon signage. I have an entire Instagram collection called ‘Neon of Dreams’ and want to fill my imaginary Pinterest-worthy house with all of it.

Loathing: I actually can’t think of anything… must mean all is right in my world. That or my medications have finally kicked in (it’s more likely to be this.).


Friday Five: 01-09-2017

Reading: Recommended to me by two family members, one of whom works with Dr. Steve Peters the author. The Chimp Paradox is a brilliant insight into what’s going on in your swede, and how to train that chimp!

Listening: A sweet little ditty that gets wedged in your brain – just ask my colleagues I’ve been singing it non stop for the past week. Lava by Kuana Torres Kahele is from a 2014 Pixar short on the Inside Out DVD and is very very cute.

Watching: Soooo many films on my flights to and from Singers. Standouts were American Pastoral (although Ewan McGregor is yet again a preppy good guy *rolls eyes*), Snowden and Life of Pi which I finally managed to sit all the way through. Still can’t decide if I love it or hate it but it provoked quite a few reactions so that’s a good thing I guess?

Lusting: ESPA Pink Pomelo lip balm which I absolutely adore and am almost out of. Delicately flavoured with pink grapefruit it leaves my lips lovely and soft.

Loathing: Being sick. More blog content to come on this but I have been puking a LOT recently (no, not pregnant) and it’s getting bloody boring.

Friday Five: 25-08-2017

No Friday Five last week as yours truly was busy officiating a wedding blessing (I know, Me! In charge of someone’s happy day!) so hearty congratulations to S&T and thank you for letting me be part of your special day. This Friday Five is coming to you live and direct from a muggy Singapore – my hair is like Monica Geller’s Barbados barnet.

Reading: An incredibly wordy (some might say dull, I couldn’t possibly comment) 48 page document on the General Data Protection Regulation – zzzzzzzzz.

Listening: ‘Mario Kart Love Song’ by Sam Hart. A funny little ditty, I can’t remember where I heard it first but it gets stuck in my head a LOT.

Watching: I watched ‘Hidden Figures’ on the plane over here on a recommendation from Toj and I adored it. It made me cry and I want to watch it again on my journey home.

Lusting: My front door is inside up a flight of stairs that already has a doormat at the bottom but bugger me if I don’t want this homage to my gin loving as a crowning glory outside my door.

Loathing: I’m not loathing it, that seems a bit harsh when I have an infinity pool I can dive into after work but the heat in Singapore at the moment is gross. Even my Singaporean colleagues are complaining. I’m looking forward to getting back to a good old British summer. Where you need sweaters and an umbrella.

Friday Five: 11-08-2017

Reading: ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ by Paul Kalanithi. This book had been doing the rounds on Instagram with lots of people I know recommending it. Having a lot of friends in the medical field I saw the cover and honed in on it. I wasn’t really sure what it was about but was forewarned it was going to make me cry. It did. I sobbed ugly tears whilst considering my own mortality and wanting to tell everyone I loved them.

Listening: ‘Little Of Your Love’ by Haim. They’ve not been on my radar until recently but now they’re invading my brain with their catchy tunes. Plus I’d quite like them to be my friends and part of my ‘hashtag girl squad’.

Watching: ‘Sixteen Candles’ – off the back of being asked my favourite John Hughes movie moment I dusted off my box set and started with my favourite. A chance to relive my teenage crush on Jake Ryan and lament the fact he never turned up to collect me in a red 80’s Porsche.

Lusting: Greeting cards make fantastic cheap artwork if you pop them in a fancy frame and ‘Sapling Press’ are knocking it out of the park with their offerings. I love so much of their work I could have an entire Sapling gallery wall.

Loathing: People taking pops at medics – the Gabby Logan interview with Pam Venning the IAAF medical officer was disgusting. Venning is a trained medic and exceptionally competent and yet she was hauled over the coals by a sports commentator about her decision to bar an athlete with Norovirus.

Friday Five: 04-08-2017

Reading: ‘Hold Back the Stars’ by Katie Khan. What a debut! Described as being the new ‘One Day’ (sidebar: I hated that book but adored this one) and being translated into twenty different languages Katie has really knocked it out of the park with this one. Can’t wait for the movie – there’ll be a movie surely?!

Listening: ‘Told You So’ by Paramore. Always thought Paramore were some screechy heavy metal band. Very pleased to have been proved wrong.

Watching: Recently rediscovered ‘PhoneShop’ and it is snort enducingly hilarious. Two of the characters Ashley and Jerwayne remind me of some friends and I like to text one just saying ‘a OWL?!’ from time to time. All three series are on All 4 and it’s well worth a watch.

Lusting: ‘Rouge Rite’ by CND Shellac which is my ‘go-to’ red colour and gets sooo many compliments.

Loathing: This August weather. Slipper socks and a Hogwarts hoodie in the height of ‘summer’ is not the one!



Friday Five: 28-07-2017

Reading: ‘Wilde Like Me’ by Louise Pentland. I know, I know, a Youtuber with a book deal *rolls eyes* I picked it up for a fiver in Tesco expecting it to be fluffy nonsense that I’d be able to scoff at. Nicely surprised that it wasn’t although quite heavy on the Mum chat. 

Listening: ‘Sticky Situation’ by Kiko Bun is just a great summer tune. Makes me smile when it comes on in the car and reminds me of an awesome colleague.

Watching: ‘Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit now has a body count.’ An oldie but a goodie, it’s ‘Heathers’. Apparently having a reboot for 2018… please don’t ruin it. 

Lusting: A Blubambu glass teak root bowl – I bought my SIL one of these vases a few years ago, they’re even cooler in the flesh. 

Loathing: Vet bills! My boy has the equivalent of Yakult for cats and now has an unknown allergy too. It’s a good job I love him.

Friday Five: 21-7-17

A weekly rundown of what I’m loving each week:

Reading: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book in one sitting but this one had me gripped. There were several quotes which hit me right in the feels and a twist that made me gasp. Read it. 

Listening: This might seem odd but I love a bit of Skepta, it makes me feel like a badass. I’ve been kind and provided the radio edit link. All together now ‘that’s not me and it’s shutdown’ *

Watching: My first ever Woody Allen film! ‘Cafe Society’ was gently enjoyable and the staging was gorgeous. The only minor problem was Steve Carell as Phil Stern because… his voice is just Gru from Despicable Me. Although, Blake Lively *loveheart eyes emoji*

Lusting: Pinky Promise would look so so good on my wall. Totally added it to my basket and it will no doubt be joined by other bits and bobs. Fy is a great website.

Loathing: Feeling old! How do I have a nephew that is ten?! I remember the day I met him, I was so scared holding him because I thought I’d drop him and now I wouldn’t be able to lift him at all. TEN.